Outsourcing, hosting

According to the challenges of the expactations of our days in system operation, ITGEN offers its SAP system operation services with its own server park in a highly secure and reliable data center. Depending on the needs of our customers scalable solutions in any case are likely to offer a solution for your specific task.


  • Full hosting
  • Provide a server environment for the duration of upgrade
  • Test server to provide background new, previously unused applications
  • Remote operation of customers' own server


Full-hosting service includes the following elements

  • Storages and servers
  • Placement the hardware in safe and secure environment
  • 24 x 7 availability
  • Technical support


  • Address: 1131 Budapest, Babér str. 1-5., V. floor

  • Mobile: +36 30 515 5255

  • E-mail:info@itgen.hu