SAP and IT Security

One of the key challenge of the digital age, and one of the hottest topic is the IT Security.

Today, the technology and the technology used by companies and institutions have achieved a level of development, are integrally enmeshed in the lives and processes of information technology that has become essential in the development of these processes in the revision of the safety, reliability criteria weight and conversion processes, managing the process of IT security point of view.

We offer our IT security related services in the following approaches:

Horizontal approach:
In purpose of supervising the existing software and hardware infrastructure

  • Preparing software and hardware inventory
  • Defining the and protecting the boundaries of the infrastructure
  • Detecting and preventing vulnerabilities, proactive monitoring log analysing
  • Risk analysing (identifying vulnerabilities and leaking points)
  • Building reliable hardware and software environment (replacements, patches, control points)
  • Implementing missing security elements: firewalls, intrusion detections, preventive tools, mobile device management)
  • Logs, audit processes, audit preparation
  • Internal threats and minimising related risks (self-compensation, revenge, discharged employees, viruses, malwares)

Vertical audit
Development and structural audit, controls

  • Analysing open and completed developments in perspective of IT security aspects
  • Short- and mid-term IT Security strategy
  • General IT development security strategy
  • Data-flow procedures (methods, data transfer in and out)
  • Requirements to the suppliers
  • Classifying company’s data assets and preparing management procedures
  • Preparing access procedures to data and resources
  • Development IT Security Policy and coordination with employees individual or collective agreements
  • Preparing and managing training to actual and new employees in purpose of IT Security „close-up”

Penetration Tests (covered and open)


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